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7 Key Real Estate Trends from 2022

Real estate trends can be challenging to predict, but they can make or break your investment in a property.

If you want to make intelligent decisions about buying or selling a home, here are some real estate trends to takeaway from this year.

1. Increased Home Ownership

Homeownership rates will spike as more people move out onto their own after renting for years. Ongoing constructions indicate a large number of homes will be built at higher densities, making renting less appealing than owning outright. Not only will this make housing affordable, but it will also provide more options for people to settle down.

2. House Hunting Goes Digital

We've all heard the saying, "location is everything." That's especially true when it comes to real estate trends in 2022. With the increasing use of technology, people will no longer be dependent on traditional or outdated ways of hunting home. Easy access to online realtors has made it a piece of cake to find a home online for anyone from youngsters to retirees.

3. People Move From Cities to the Suburbs

People are moving from cities to the suburbs. The reason for this trend is simple: it's more affordable and has less traffic, space, and better amenities. Living in a big city can be expensive, especially if you want to live close to work or school. When moving from cities to the suburbs, people may also want to consider how much time they'll spend on public transportation daily.

4. Mortgage Rates Will Rise

As of 2022, the good news is that mortgage rates are likely to rise, but not by much. This is because interest rates have been rising due to economic growth and inflation. If you're considering buying a home and need financing, knowing what type of mortgage will work best for your situation is important. Though aremultiple types of mortgages are available, it's best to consider what suits your budget and preferences the most.

5. Mortgage Rates Drop

The most significant change to expect in the next few years is that mortgage rates will likely rise. This not only means you'll have to pay more for your home, but it also means that there will be a rise in demand for fixed-rate mortgages with little or no money down.

6. Single-Family Housing Demand Creates Shortages

Considering the supply and demand rule, the real estate market observes a severe shortage of single-family houses in crowded U.S. cities. The ones available are either too expensive or not spacious enough for people to fit in.

7. Home Prices Continue To Rise

The average home price in the U.S. continues to rise, with most experts predicting that it will hit $250,000 by 2024. While this is a significant increase from today's $220,000 average, there are still many factors at play that could cause prices to decline.

However, home prices tend to fluctuate based on several factors, from interest rates to supply/demand ratios, for best property rates prediction.


While many real estate trends are available, these are the best-predicted ones.

The most significant trends are the increasing demand for single-family homes and their rising prices. As long as these trends continue to grow, they will generally generally influence the economy and real estate markets for U.S. property investors.

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